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Got some questions?

Are you a Christian Church?

Yes, we most definitely are a Christian church and not a cult!  You will find Jesus is central to everything we do.
See our Statement of Belief and Values for more info.

Do I need to dress up for church?

No, please come in whatever clothes you feel comfortable in.  Most people will be wearing jeans and trainers or shorts in the summer.

What sort of people go to Connect?

All sorts of people come to Connect – we are pretty representative of the demographic of the surrounding area.  If anything we are lacking older people of retirement age and above.  The typical people would probably be a family with parents in the age range 35-55.  But everyone is welcome.

Can I just rock up?

Yes, many people who come for the first time do just walk in.  If you’re feeling brave you could let us know you’re coming by emailing us at

Would I need to do anything to “join” Connect Church?

No, we don’t have an official membership as you might find in a Baptist church for instance.  See Who We Are page for more on this. 

What denomination are you?

We are a non-denominational church with loose links to the Church Of England via St Mary’s Bryanston Square in London.

Got any more questions?

No worries, drop us an email at